A Roundtable: “Humanitarian-Development-Peace Divide and International Law”

Published: 12th April 2021

Event date: 21/04/2021

Event start time: 3:00 pm

Event end time: 4:15 pm

We are pleased to invite you to a roundtable discussion on “Humanitarian-Development-Peace Divide and International Law”.


Cordula Droege (ICRC) 

Vikram Raghavan (World Bank) 

Romano Lasker (UNDP) 

The discussion will be moderated by Heike Krieger (FU Berlin).

Our esteemed speakers will explore how greater convergence and complementarity between humanitarian, development, and peace objectives can be achieved, and what role international law can play in realising ‘the triple nexus’. The moderated discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.

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