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Our team in Colombia is growing!

Professor Andrés Gómez Rey and Master student Andrés Rodríguez Morales, from the University of Rosario, have joined our Endless Conflicts team for Colombia.Professor Gómez Rey has joined the project as a Partner Researcher. He will trace the visions and knowledge of the environment, water, territories, and other actants on assistance…

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A Research Assistant will be joining Endless Conflicts this summer

The Endless Conflicts team will grow further in August, with Ms Héloïse Guichardaz joining us as a Research Assistant at the University of Glasgow. She will mostly support research activities under the Working Packages 1 and 3, including the preparation of the collection, organisation of fieldwork, events for knowledge exchange, and maintenance of the project website. Heloise is a doctoral researcher at the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security, University of Glasgow. Her…

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