Research Partner

Research areas

  • Development cooperation
  • Human Rights
  • Sustainable Development
  • Forced migration
  • Regional Integration


Senior Lecturer of Development theories at the Centre Interdisciplinaire pour le Développement et l’Education Permanente (CIDEP)

Dr Pascal Sundi is the central figure to liaise with the project coordinator and other key stakeholders. He also provides technical guidance to the team members on data collection activities analysis and report writing, engages in consultations and data gathering, and presents findings in workshops and conferences.

Coordinator (DRC)

Research areas

  • Ethics
  • Theology
  • Fundamental Moral

Reverend Jules-Emmanuel MUANDA KIENGA

General-Director of the Institut Panafricain Cardinal Martino (IPCM); Professor of Ethics and Fundamental Moral at the Theology Faculty of the UCC

Reverend Muanda is in charge of the supervision and the management of the DRC team. He also contributes to the research discussions.

Deputy Coordinator (DRC)

Research areas

  • Bioethics
  • Moral Theology
  • Conflicts
  • Peace


General Secretary for academic affairs at the Institut Panafricain Cardinal Martino (ICPM); Lecturer in Moral theology, bioethics, conflicts and peace issues

Reverend Engbanda is in charge of the direct supervision of the research team.

Research Assistant

Research areas

  • UN Law
  • Privileges and Immunities

Héloïse Guichardaz

Ph.D Candidate

Héloïse will assist in the delivery of the outputs of the project, including the edited collection. She will participate in the organization of fieldwork and other project activities. She will also participate in the maintenance of the website.

Research assistant

Research areas

  • Constitutional law
  • Labour law
  • Legal geography

Andrés Rodríguez Morales

Master Student

Andrés investigates how law shapes informality and, in turn, how informality shapes law.

Administrative Assistant

Research areas

  • Health Communication

Deogratias NLANDU VUNA

Administrative assistant at the Institut Panafricain Cardinal Martino (IPCM)

In addition to his administrative assistant duties, Mr. Deogratias NLANDU VUNA contributes to the DRC’s case study focusing on women rape victims of the Panzi Hospital in South Kivu, in the Eastern Congo.

Research Assistant

Research areas

  • Law and Politics
  • Transitional Justice
  • Humanitarian Law
  • Youth and Peacebuilding

Julia Franziska Chyle

LLM Student

Franziska writes blogposts for our website about project activities and about her own research. She also assists with and participates in the project's workshops and forums.

International Consultant

Research areas

  • International Human Rights
  • Universal Access to Justice

Abhisekh Rodricks

Research Associate at the Border Security Force-India, Master Student in International Law

He contributes to the project as an expert in international law as well as policy development.

Assistant Researcher

Research areas

  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Development planning


Permanent consultant at the Rodhecic (Réseau des Organisations des droits humains et d’éducation civique d’inspiration chrétienne)

Mr. Dala was a member of the DRC team until January 2022. He contributed to data and information gathering, findings analysis, stakeholders’ consultation and reports preparation and dissemination. He also served as the communication officer for the DRC project team.