DRC – Post-event recap on the validation of the policy document

Published: 19th January 2023

On December 12th 2022, the DRC team organised a gathering of multiple actors who participated in the development of the policy document on international aid and armed conflicts in the east of the country.

The event was a success, with the report entitled ‘The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus in the DRC: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives’ being praised for its relevance and topicality. The team’s efforts and attention to rigour and consistency in the manner in which they presented the final conclusions of the report were also commended.

The report is structured around three main axis:

  • A literature review on international aid and the triple nexus framework in the DRC
  • A presentation of the legal framework and institutional mechanisms of the management of international aid in the DRC
  • An socio-legal analysis of the main themes that emerged throughout the research process.

In order to improve the report, the actors — amongst others, representatives of the Ministry of Human Rights, representatives of the PGAI (Plateforme de la Gestion de l’Aide et des Investissements) of the Ministry of Planning, representatives of the UNPD and of MONUSCO, as well as members of civil society (notably of the Carter Center and Action Aid) — commented on the following points:

  • Methodology, which needed more development as well as a focus on the main points of the report
  • Statistics on aid, on which a choice was to be made regarding the recency of the data and its impact on the analysis
  • A focus on DRC laws and the constitution regarding the legal framework before moving the analysis to other mechanisms in place
  • A focus on a specific case study, for which a second, smaller report is envisaged.

Below are some photos from the event, which took place in a conference room in the brand new building of the IPCM at Université Catholique of Congo (UCC), Mongafula Campus, Kinshasa.