Event: Human Rights Based Approaches to Protracted Conflicts

Published: 16th March 2023

Event date: 27/03/2023

Event start time: 12:30 pm

Event end time: 5:00 pm

The Endless Conflicts team, in collaboration with the University of Glasgow’s ‘International Law Under Pressure’ research programme (PI Dr. Henry Lovat), is organising an event titled ‘Human Rights Based Approaches to Protracted Conflicts: An Empowerment, or a Slow Demise of Human Rights Law?’. Aiming to bring together scholars and practitioners working on human rights based approaches (HRBA) and human rights law to facilitate dialogue on the content and promise of HRBA in protracted conflicts, the event will be spread out over two sessions and a concluding roundtable. The full programme as well as the event blurb is available below.

The event will take place on March 27th, from 12.30 to 5p.m. at the Advanced Research Centre (ARC) of the University of Glasgow. Participants can also attend online. Lunch and coffee will be provided at the venue. Anyone attending in person who wants to have their travel and/or accommodation covered by the project should contact Héloïse Guichardaz: heloise.guichardaz@glasgow.ac.uk.

Register for the event following this link (this goes for in person and online attendees): https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/580580059587